These are our females who were kept intact for breeding; some have not ended-up becoming breeding dogs, some are retired and some are still pending health testing.



U-CH APAW’s Cashmere Comfort ATD SPOT-ON

Comfort is competing in rally.

Comfort is a very sweet dog, perfect therapy temperament as she is very gentle and social with all people. She is highly motivated by social interaction, food and toys, and has a very strong natural retrieve drive. She has prey ‘interest’, but is easy to control and responsive to verbal cues. She is very friendly with any animals she comes in contact with, but not particularly distracted by the sight of them.

Comfort is a silver and can be considered a ‘moyen’, weighing just under 30 lbs and standing at around 18″.

Comfort is from our “C” litter, Schubert x Asha. She is the mother of our “I” litter (bred to Valor) and our “M” litter (bred to Thunder).


APAW’s Language Of Flowers


Her training and show career was shifted by the pandemic, but she did well on her one day in the conformation ring! Trick titles coming, likely not pursuing others.

Essence is a small, moderately built dog who is extremely athletic and agile. She has a very sweet and social temperament, very motivated by praise/petting/food – she loves toys as well, but left to her own choices she’d rather take the toy to play/chew on her own instead of retrieve back to hand (she will bring it back when instructed, or at least come without it when called, just not of her own choosing). She is somewhat ‘soft’ or sensitive, but in a nice way for a service/therapy/companion dog personality – she is not fearful but will easily redirect or give up if told not to do something.
Essence has a bit of prey interest and overall environmental focus, eyes always scanning her surroundings – she is good with small animals when she’s been introduced, but given the opportunity to chase she might be a good hunter.

Essence is about 20″ and 33 lbs, and is a dark blue.

She is from our “E Litter”, Schubert x Blossom. She is the dam of our “O” litter (bred to Hercules).


APAW’s Across The Universe CGCA CGCU TKN

Training for rally and tricks as well as UKC conformation.

She has a calm, social and non-reactive personality, while still having plenty of energy to kick in at a moment’s notice. She is a velcro dog when interacting – she doesn’t need a leash to stay close and focused; around the home she is not clingy but always attentive. Low/no prey drive.

Galaxy is a platinum silver, most of her body being practically white when shaved, and is just over 40 lbs. She is around 22″ tall, from a family that tends to be a bit larger.

Galaxy is from our ‘G’ litter, Nikolai x Denali. She has not had any litters yet.


U-CH APAW’s Over The Rainbow

In training for various performance titles.

Haven is an incredible performance prospect – she’s a dog that could be capable of anything (including service work) with an experienced handler, but also has a huge amount of drive and the ability to focus her attention and energy on difficult or intense tasks. She is extremely athletic and physically adept with high confidence and enthusiasm. She loves everyone and everything, but is not overly distracted if her handler can provide an interesting alternative (if ignored by her handler she is likely to jump/pull to join a social party rather than wait patiently of her own choosing).

Haven is a cream, about 19″ and 33 lbs – a perfect small package for the level of happy intensity she packs.

Haven is from our “H” Litter, Valor x Autumn, her sire having graduated as a Service Dog and working since 2016. Haven is 2nd generation APAW-breeding, with her dam coming down from our “A” Litter, Truman x Harmony. Pups from each generation have been successful as Service Dogs as well as in various performance venues and the conformation ring – Haven’s sister was the #2 UKC Standard Poodle in 2018.
We plan to breed her twice, with at least one litter being to a stud selected for extreme performance ability, and the other likely to a much lower-drive dog for better service prospects


APAW’s Don’t Stop Believin’ ATD

Hope has an exquisite “follower” Service Dog personality. She is sweet, quiet, attentive and biddable, with just the right amount of confidence and social interest. This is paired with high food and praise/petting motivation and low prey drive or care about the environment and distractions… an all around easy, trustworthy dog in all situations.

Hope is a fading apricot, about 19″ and 33 lbs.

Hope is from our “H” Litter, Valor x Autumn, her sire having graduated as a Service Dog and working since 2016. Hope is 2nd generation APAW-breeding, with her dam coming down from our “A” Litter, Truman x Harmony. Pups from each generation have been successful as Service Dogs as well as in various performance venues and the conformation ring – Hope’s sister is UKC’s 2018 #2 Standard Poodle. Hope is dam to our “J” litter.


APAW’s Just The Way You Are

In training for various titles, and health testing still pending.

Ideal is extremely social and loves everyone (including animals), with her biggest enjoyment being to wiggle in a lap and give kisses. She is very sensitive and doesn’t want to do anything wrong, but has enough confidence to assume that she’s allowed to do anything unless told “no”. She is very biddable, not easily distracted, and very motivated by praise/petting/food and slightly less motivated by toys (but will happily work for them too). She is extraordinarily athletic, being the smallest dog we have yet able to outrun even our ‘fast’ dogs. She also can bounce straight up about 3x her own height, though luckily has never shown an inclination for jumping the fence – she just likes to bounce!

Ideal is a dark blue, about 17″ and 25 lbs. Ideal is from our “I” Litter, Valor x Comfort, her sire having graduated as a Service Dog and working since 2016. Ideal is 2nd generation APAW-breeding, with her dam coming down from our “C” Litter, Schubert x Asha. We plan to breed her twice, with a goal of keeping her small size and social nature for service and therapy dog prospects though there will certainly be a lot of performance potential as well.







Dams owned by other breeders:


URO1 APAW’s Harmonious Design ATD SPOT-ON

Henna belongs to Danielle Rouleau of Doe Valley Standards, where she has earned/working on her UKC titles.

In addition to her trick, rally and temperament titles, Henna has also nearly finished her UKC conformation championship.

Henna is a great all-around little dog, with a pleasing athletic build, a very sweet and intuitive personality, and above average genetic diversity. Her one fault is insecurity around new people, but she quickly makes friends in exchange for treats. A quick learner and motivated to train and explore with her person, mild-mannered, low prey drive, and easy to handle off-leash or on.

Henna is about 18″ and 30 lbs.


INT CH NI NC AI AC NS PTM PTE U-GRCH APAW White Lace And Promises, #2 Standard Poodle Top Ten 2018 UKC



APAW With You In Utopia STAR


Retired dams:












Ayza (not bred)



U-CH Pirouette Call Of The Wild Tudorose ATD, Therapy Dog, Demo Service Dog

Denali is competing in UKC rally.

Denali is a very athletic, sweet and intelligent dog. She has higher prey drive than most of our dogs, but bred to a lower-drive stud her first litter of pups have not inherited as much of that trait. Her 2nd litter was bred for intentional performance roles, using one of the top performance studs in Canada – even at a young age it is clear this litter has much more intensity just as planned. Denali is an ideal performance or high-drive career candidate, particularly suited for agility, lure coursing, search and rescue and similar roles. At the same time, she is very calm and well-mannered in the home and while working.

Denali is a silver beige, around 42lbs and 22″.

Denali is bred and co-owned by Sabina Hower of Pirouette Poodles, and is part of a multi-generation goal of breeding for assistance work and is a welcome addition to APAW’s breeding program.

She is the dam of our “G” litter (bred to Nikolai) and “L” litter (bred to Rudy).


APAW Here Comes The Sun ETD VC, Demo Service Dog

Dawn is competing in rally obedience.

Dawn is a very smart and intuitive girl, sensitive but with good environmental confidence. She is reserved with strangers and prefers to focus on working with her partner rather than interacting with others. She has mid prey drive but remains under verbal control, and is very calm and well-mannered in the home and while working.

Dawn is a cream, standing around 22″ and weighing about 40 lbs.

Dawn is from our “D” litter, Schubert x Serenity. She is dam of our “K” litter (bred to Hercules) and our “N” litter (bred to Onyx).

Edna (not bred)

U-CH Crabapple Downs’ Edna

Edna came to our program later in life and was expected to have 1 litter for APAW.

She was competing in rally obedience and working on her UKC Grand Championship prior to the pandemic. She is training for trick and potentially other performance titles.

She is a very sweet dog, loves everyone while maintaining full focus on her partner. She has zero prey drive and very little interest in other dogs/animals or smells – nothing distracts her from being her happy self and being responsive to any cues.
Edna is primarily motivated by praise and petting, but willing to work for treats as well. She has very little toy interest, though she is developing an interest with encouragement (she was not raised with toys). She is more sensitive than confident, but not a fearful dog. She loves everything done with her partner and her tail never stops wagging.

Edna is a brown, about 24″ and 50 lbs. Her family includes average to large-sized Standards.

Edna was donated to us by her breeder, Crabapple Downs. We were looking for a well-built female with a happy personality and no prey-drive/reactivity as an out-cross for our breeding program, and Edna has exceeded our expectations ❤ Sadly Edna’s health results did not meet our breeding criteria, so she has become a companion.