"Dawn" with K Litter Pups

How are our pups raised?

We do not strictly adhere to the branded protocols that have become commercialized in past or recent years (such as Puppy Culture, AviDog, or the BioSensor program). However, we have always followed many of the steps which are included in these programs, such as:

  • a very similar set of early neurological stimulation exercises
  • lots of experiences designed to build confidence and problem-solving abilities
  • gentle introductions to a wide variety of trained behaviors from basic obedience to service tasks
  • raised in our home along with young children
  • practice for the full grooming process and introduction to all equipment and handling
  • intentional car travel and age-appropriate socialization
  • intro to a variety of foods including fresh meats and veggies in addition to meals of plain kibble
  • intro to crate training, litter box and knowledge of pottying outside on cue
  • customized experiences chosen based on future work goals; Service pups are raised to be gentle and patient, performance/search pups are raised to encourage drive and intensity; some pups are taught to retrieve bird wings while others are taught to ignore wings to focus on handler instead

In addition to the experiences we provide for our puppies, we believe in leaving natural tails and dewclaws, and we start the puppies off on a minimal vaccination schedule.